When a family is no longer able to meet their dog’s needs, where do they turn? Too often healthy and happy dogs end up at the local pound or animal shelter, taxing community resources in an overburdened system.

Even the best shelters though can be stressful to our Fido friends. Loud and noisy, heightened energy levels, strangers and unknown routines – dogs just don’t thrive in these settings.

Fido Love is about keeping healthy pets out of the sheltering system and in loving homes, by empowering families to rehome their dogs responsibly into another loving home.

Our Mission

  • Provide a courteous and respectful online community to connect families
  • Empower families with advice, guidance and support for rehoming safely and responsibly
  • Keep more dogs in loving homes and out of shelters (and off of Craigslist)
  • Support and encourage innovative shelter programs that rehabilitate and retrain the dogs that do arrive in need (read about the animal organizations we support)

How it Works

Fido Love is not a rescue organization, we do not take pets in. Instead we encourage families in need to rehome their dogs responsibly to registered Fido Love families looking to adopt. We charge a modest fee to rehomers that covers the costs to create a Fido Profile listing on the website, to promote the listing through paid advertising and search engines like Google and Bing, and to provide advice and guidance and support along the way in a guided rehoming process.