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Dog for Adoption in Portland Oregon – Reishi

Activity Buddy, Guardian, Protector Dog, Intelligent, Working Dog, Lap & Cuddle Dog, Sensitive Friend, a Rescue

About Reishi

Size: Large ( 50 – 80 lbs )
Gender: Female
Age: Adult Prime – 2.25 years
Type: Herding
Breed: St. Bernard, Border Collie
Grooming Needs: Occasional
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes, within the last year
Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Fido Lifestyle: Activity Buddy, Guardian, Protector Dog, Intelligent, Working Dog, Lap & Cuddle Dog, Sensitive Friend, a Rescue
Description: Reishi is a beautiful, loving, and extremely cuddly 2 year old female mix. She is wonderful dog and also needs the right person to meet her working breed needs.

I got her in May from someone who got her from a shelter and couldn’t keep her due to her high prey drive. She loves all adult humans, but I don’t know about small children. She is a moderate energy working breed dog that is happy with a daily run and daily stimulation. She loves to work, is well trained, and loves to lounge too.

Reishi needs an owner who has experience with dog training and working breeds. She has a high prey/hunting drive and cannot be in a home with cats, free range chickens, or other small animals. She is also dog reactive and needs a patient and confident leader to support her in working on this. With training, her impulse control continues to improve. She has never aggressed on another dog, but needs a single-dog household for now and a large fenced yard.

I love her and am not able to meet her needs.

Personality: Athletic, Intelligent, Trainable, Independent, Personality!, Excitable
Activity Level: Medium energy. Always ready for play, but can also just hang. Recommend daily walks.
Training Level: Intermediate (ex. “Wait”, “Heel”, “Leave It”)

How Reishi is with…

Housebroken: Great – Does very well
Barking: Great – Does very well
Children (under
5 yrs):
I Don’t Know
Other dogs: Challenges – But promise with some work
Cats: Poor – Don’t recommend
Livestock (chickens,
horses, etc.):
Poor – Don’t recommend
Strangers: Great – Does very well
Car travel: Great – Does very well
Crate confine-
ment (<4 hrs):
Okay – Not much of an issue

Rehoming Details

Rehoming Fee: $150
Her needs are not a good match for my lifestyle.
New Home
Someplace with a yard for her to play in, and someone who has worked with herding breeds before.
Listing Date: 2020

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