Questions to Ask an Adoptive Family When Rehoming a Dog

For your early conversation with an adoptive family open ended questions will provide some insights on the home and whether they might be a good fit for your dog.

Question that you might ask, for example…

  • What in particular appealed to you about my dog when viewing his/her Fido Profile?
  • How would you envision spending time with “Fido”, what activities? Dog park, traveling, cuddling on the couch, hiking, etc…
  • When you travel, who would care for “Fido” while you’re away?
  • Do you have a current vet whom I could speak with, and other references too, if we decide to proceed further in this process?
  • Are there any approvals that you would need to obtain before bringing “Fido” into your home? For example, landlord or condo association?

Finally… other considerations for the conversation:

* Be candid about why you’re rehoming your friend
* Reveal any health considerations – medications, allergies, etc.
* Determine whether you want to do a “trial period”  of 2 to 3 days
* Discuss the rehoming fee and how this would work
* Discuss that there should be a private adoption Agreement of some form
* Discuss arrangements, if things don’t work out.  Can you take the dog back into your home?
* What are expectations for post-adoption communication