Dogs for Adoption

Should I rehome my dog?

Life Happens. It happens in small ways and in big, insurmountable ways sometimes, like a death or an illness in the family, the loss of a job, foreclosure of a home, or a change in living circumstances – life happens to all of us, including the 62% of American households with pets their lives.

In fact, nearly 40 percent of our Fido friends do not make it through their first year with their first family. The ties are interrupted by the large and the small human life events – where the family’s needs and the dog’s needs are incompatible.

3 to 5 million dogs each year are dropped at animal shelters, abandoned on their own, or rehomed through chance encounter – all for lack of a reliable, “go to” resource for people to turn in order to rehome their friend responsibly. And so it goes that a shelter surrender of a beloved pet usually seems the most obvious option – and often the only option – until now.
Fido Love is that go to resource. Fido Love empowers Fido lovers to rehome their friends responsibly, if that need exists.

Responsible rehoming is about keeping great dogs in great homes, and making the transition from home to home, sparing our dogs the stresses and trauma of a shelter surrender (and in some cases even the possibility of death).

Fido Love provides those in need with helpful tools, sound advice and guidance for responsible rehoming, and a community of great families and homes looking to find their new best friend.
Fido Love is also a philosophy that recognizes the reality that life happens, and we can’t always meet our pet’s needs. What we can do though is everything possible to find the next great home for our Fido friend where he or she can thrive, with needs met.