The 10 Fido Lifestyle Types

At Fido Love we don’t categorize dogs by breed. We believe instead that a great fit between families and dogs comes more often from a unique mix of physical, emotional and lifestyle traits – for both the dog and the human.

As you consider the kind of dog to adopt or – for rehomers – how your dog will do best in a new home, please think about these 10 different Fido Lifestyle types.

1. A Family Dog

A dog who’s not too small (less than 25 lbs), not too large (85+) and not too anxious or concerned about his or her surroundings tends to do best as a family dog.
Some dogs adore children of all ages and don’t too much mind being poked or prodded. (We never recommend dogs under 25 lbs with children under 5 years old. It can be stressful, and even dangerous for both child and dog.)
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med

2. A Dog Park Dog

This dog enjoys (as in loves loves loves!) other dogs and people. This dog has good stable energy – is not too dominant and not too submissive – and generally plays well with others.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High

3. An Activity Buddy

A young, active dog who is most happy running for miles at a time alongside his person. This high energy dog needs daily exercise and activity for at least 2-3 hours a day. Anything less and the dog will be bored and could become destructive.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High

4. Intellectual/Working Dog

These dogs fair best working or regularly engaged in a ‘job’ – like herding, search and rescue, retrieving or agility. Prefers a working lifestyle, where his mind and body are actively engaged.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High

5. Lap and Cuddle Dog

Usually a small to medium sized dog, maybe a little spoiled at times but sure loves to be with her person. A great little cuddle dog.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High

6. Chill and Mellow

A “been there done that”, easy going dog. Usually an older adult dog, often larger breeds. Loves a warm sunny window, and just hanging in the yard. A Chill and Mellow dog is usually a great fit for a first-time dog family.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med

7. Guardian/Protector

A territorial dog, watchful of strangers and alert for unusual happenings. This dog will do best in an experienced dog home with strong leadership and consistency.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Med, High

8. A Sensitive Friend or Rescue

A sweet and sensitive companion, perhaps with special need for a quiet, patient household. This dog may be a rescue who has some insecurities, is not well-socialized, possibly neglected, or worse. This dog maybe weary of strangers, and concerned about new environments. Trust may come slowly, but giving a dog like this another start can bring great reward and joy.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Med, High

9. Travel Companion

This is a take anywhere and everywhere friend, well-socialized around other places and people. He loves people and other dogs, and is usually the first to “load up” into the car.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High

10. A Velcro Dog

You know this dog the way she sticks with her one person everywhere. This dog is often aloof and uninterested in other people or other dogs as she will only have eyes for their special person. A very loyal friend.
Need for Structure/Consistency: Low, Med, High