How to Rehome a Dog

How to rehome your dog safely into a new home? Once an adoptive family has expressed interest in your dog, the next steps can happen over a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Here’s a basic road map on how things could go after that first contact.

First Impressions – The “Sniff Test”
Review the adopter’s message and Home Profile and that’s provided in the notificaton email from Fido Love, to see if there’s a basic fit.

It Seems Like a Fit, Start the Conversation
If there’s the possibility of a good fit here, you can reply back with a first round of specific questions, provide email and or a phone number to continue to dialogue further. Learn more about Questions to Ask.

Schedule a Meeting
Set time for first meet and greet introductions at a local public area. Take a walk together! Encourage the interested family to include the whole gang – spouses, children and especially any other dogs who might also be in the home to ensure that there’s a fit for everybody. Learn more about successful Meet and Greet introductions.

Check References – IMPORTANT
Checking references about a new home for your dog is absolutely ESSENTIAL to finding a great home. Plan for 30 minutes to connect with the interested family’s vet or family and friends, to understand a little more about them. We can help! Please, read more about Checking References to Rehome Your Dog.

It’s a Fit – The Paperwork
Once you’ve decided to rehome your dog into with a family we strongly encourage families to use a Rehoming Agreement in order to document the exchange. In most states around the country dogs are considered “personal property” and it’s smart to have a written record of the transfer. Fido’s new family also will need written proof of the exchange in order to transfer pet ownership of a microchipped dog. Woof.

Saying Goodbye – What to Expect
We know that saying goodbye to a family friend isn’t easy. But we also know this as a time of relief, gratitude and excitement for your Fido friend going into a new family better able to meet his needs.

After Adoption
Our experience is that any significant issues, challenges or incompatibilities generally surface within the first 2 weeks after rehoming. Understand that this possibility might exist, and consider whether you would be able to bring your friend back home if things don’t work out.